Ariana Grande & Lana Del Rey Share Behind-the-Scenes Pics From ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ Video Set

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey clearly had a blast filming the music video for their blockbuster collaboration, and now they're posting some pics snapped on set during the few moments when the cameras weren't rolling. After the drop of the video on...

Eminem’s YouTube channel shares mysterious soft jazz instrumental, leaving fans baffled

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Crazy Enough is the smash ballad from Julie Bergan

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Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Lizzo, Halsey & Charlie Puth Can’t Get Enough of Normani’s ‘Motivation’ Video

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Watch Janet Jackson surprise superfan in Vegas after his video goes viral

Talk about a heartwarming moment between an artist and fan.... Janet Jackson gave one of her fans the fright of his life when she snuck up behind him at one of her Las Vegas shows – all after a video of his fandom went viral. Back in June, former serviceman and...
Pure Trance

Pure Trance

Hosted by: Solarstone

Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00

Pure Trance Radio is presented weekly by Solarstone, featuring the latest Pure Trance releases, live recordings from worldwide Pure Trance events & more.

Pure Trance Radio is the latest incarnation of Solarstone’s long-running, widely syndicated radio show platform & an extension of the Solarstone-founded Pure Trance Movement, Pure Trance Events & Label. Now firmly established worldwide, this movement is a roots return for the genre & a rally against inorganic and trend-driven Trance – a rediscovery or what first drew so many to the genre’s flame.

Previously known as Solaris International, its weekly hour-long format focuses on the forward thinking sound of Pure Trance & includes features like the Progressive and the Uplifting Selections; It’s Not The Kind of Thing We Usually Play, the Big Tune and the Chill Out Moment. From its early cult following, over the last 8 years the show has developed into a tune-in essential for broad cross-section of the electronic dance community. Pure Trance Radio is broadcast worldwide across some 20+ FM stations to a listenership in excess of 8 million.


Pure Trance 205 (Sep 11 2019)
01. Antic – Inundacin (Just Her Remix – from Anjunadeep Explorations Vol. 11) [Anjunadeep]
02. Konektiv – Lift [Pure Progressive]
03. Raul Pablo Sanchez – Schattenspiel [Magic Island Deep]
04. Ocula – Empirical (from Anjunadeep Explorations Vol. 11) [Anjunadeep]
05. Aerium – Moon Waves (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) [Old SQL]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play… But We Like It Anyway:
06. Sense8 – Universe [Rockett]

07. Solarstone & Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Is Where It Starts (Extended Pure Mix) [Black Hole]
08. Lost Witness & Trance Classics – 7 Colours (Patrick Dreama Remix) [Amsterdam Trance Classics]
09. M.I.K.E Push – Intersection [FSOE]
10. Origin – Wide Eyed Angel (Paul Pearson Remix) [Lost Language]
11. Stargazers & Neev Kennedy – Walk Between Your Shadows [Uplift]

12. Marc Dawn – Random Walk (Factor B’s Back to the Future Mix) [Drizzly Eclipse]

13. Nathan Barr – Marlo & Ray (from Flatliners Soundtrack 2017)

Pure Trance 204 (Sep 4 2019)
01. Paul Thomas – Remember [FSOE UV]
02. Rodg – Signs [Statement!]
03. Gundamea feat. Andy Ruddy – Sweet Disposition [Electronic Elements]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play… But We Like It Anyway:
04. Subtara – Eyes Wide Open (Four Square EP) [Forescape Digital]

05. Thomas Coastline – Illusions [Pure Trance]
06. John 00 Fleming – Space Odyssey (Fuenka Remix) [JOOF]
07. Solarstone & Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Is Where It Starts (Sheridan Grout Remix) [Black Hole]

08. Richard Durand & Christina Novelli – Save You [Magik Muzik]
09. Nord Horizon – Arizona (Pure Trance NEON]
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Empty World [Black Hole]
11. Activa – Tidal [Regenerate]
12. Dan Stone – TMRW [FSOE]

13. Rapid Eye – Circa-Forever (Sean Tyas Remix) [Armada Captivating]

14. Winterlight – Mirror [Solaris]

Pure Trance 203 (Aug 28 2019)
01. Chris Cargo – Space Between [If You Wait]
02. Orbital – Chime (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Bootleg) [White Label]
03. Sultan + Shepard – Lion [Armada]
04. Three CP – Briques Oranges Part. II [Pure Progressive]
05. Steve Parry – Don’t You Ever Stop [Bedrock]
06. Danny Stubbs vs. Kindred Spirits – The View From Apollo D’ Antan (Sky & Boyer’s Resurrection Mix) [Pure Trance]

07. Solarstone & Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Is Where It Starts (Pure Mix) [Black Hole]

08. Nord Horizon – Arizona [Pure Trance NEON]
09. ID
10. David Broaders – Heliosphere [Magic Island Elevate]
11. Sneijder & Lauren Kelly – Be With You (Craig Connelly Remix) [Afterdark]

12. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Operator [Black Hole]

13. Liam Thomas – Rigel [Sine Music]

Pure Trance 202 (Aug 21 2019)
01. Jelly For The Babies – Hide & Seek [Heath Mill Recordings]
02. qoob – Zoe [Pure Progressive]
03. Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Gundamea Remix) [Armada Digital]
04. BT feat. JC Chasez vs. Attila Syah – Journey To Gravity (Kristina Sky Resurrection Mashup) [Pure Trance]
05. Jam & Spoon – Follow Me (Torsten Fassbender & Plastic Angel Remix) [Black Hole]
06. Stan Kolev – Ananda [Outta Limits]
07. The Blizzard – Molecular [Pure Trance]
08. ID [Pure Progressive]
09. Chris Schweizer – Shaker Maker (from the Aftermath EP) [Armada]
10. Sunny Lax – Hallucination [Anjunabeats]

11. Allende – Simpler Times [Pure Trance]

12. ID [Pure Trance]
13. Gaia – Europa [Armada]

Pure Trance 201 (Aug 14 2019)
01. Max Millian – Nusa Penida [MPS Indigo]
02. Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Gundamea Remix) [Armada Digital]
03. East Cafe – A Grain of Sand (Ape Sapiens Remix) [Superordinate]
04. gardenstate – Blur [Pure Progressive]
05. Paul Sawyer & Sunscreem – Perfect Motion [Limited Music]

06. Ehren Stowers – Swarm [Pure Trance]
07. Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me To Life (Daxson Remix) [Coldharbour]
08. Robbie Seed & Digital Vision – Pressure

09. Atlantis – Fiji (ReOrder Remix) [Black Hole]

10. Richard Lowe – Time Stood Still [Pure Trance NEON]
11. The Space Brothers – Legacy (Sam Laxton Remix) [WAO138]

12. Sholan – Irish Eyes [Pure Trance NEON]

Pure Trance 200 (Aug 7 2019)
01. Qoob – Zoe (Mir Omar Remix) [Pure Progressive] *World Exclusive*
02. Artbat – Style
03. Simon Berry – Anaconda (Torsten Fassbender Remix) [Platipus]
04. ID – ID
05. Solarstone – Shards
06. Men-D – Cold Beautiful [Pure Progressive]
07. Anden – Escalus [Zero Three]
08. Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Gundamea Remix) [Armada Digital]
Pure Trance 199 (Jul 31 2019)
01. Dimii – Ender Pearls [AH Digital]
02. Konstantine – Midnight Dream (Club Mix) [Xtravaganza Recordings]
03. gardenstate – Blur [Pure Progressive]
04. David Broaders – Everlasting [Pure Trance]
05. Dylhen ft. Lyonheart – Gravity [Zero Three]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play… But We Like It Anyway:
06. Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush (Solomun Remix) [Domino]

07. Stine Grove – Empire of Love [Amsterdam Trance]
08. Sam Mitcham – Summer Sun [Pure Trance]
09. Craig Connelly – Reverence [Subculture]
10. Nico Cranxx – Lands Of West Java [Black Sunset]

11. ID [Pure Trance]

12. Sneijder & David Forbes – Flashback [Afterdark]

13. Indaco – Cala Luna (taken from Myon – Tales from Another World Vol. 1) [Black Hole]