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Watch Janet Jackson surprise superfan in Vegas after his video goes viral

Talk about a heartwarming moment between an artist and fan….

Janet Jackson gave one of her fans the fright of his life when she snuck up behind him at one of her Las Vegas shows – all after a video of his fandom went viral.

Back in June, former serviceman and entrepreneur KB Strawder Jr. and his brother surprised their father with tickets to see the ‘Control’ singer in Vegas as part of her Metamorphosis residency at the MGM Hotel.

Capturing the moment that he opened the tickets and sprinted excitedly across the room, Strawder Jr. shared the video on social media. It soon went viral, racking up in almost 10,000 likes on Twitter.

Strawder Jr.’s father was asked to be interviewed about his love for the pop icon when he attended the show this past weekend (Aug 10). While explaining how the best part of the show for him was just seeing Jackson in the flesh, the singer is then spotted on camera sneaking up behind him to listen in.

After hearing enough of him praising her, Jackson says: “That’s really sweet. I’m glad to hear that.” Freezing and standing still for a good few seconds, the superfan eventually turns around to greet his idol. The pair hug it out and after the stunned embrace Strawder Jr.’s father calmly says to Jackson: “It’s very nice to meet you,” before starting a conversation.

Take a look at the heartwarming moment below:

Meanwhile, Jackson has said that the legacy of her brother Michael Jackson “will continue” despite recent accusations of sexual abuse made against him.

In a new interview, the singer has spoken of what will become of Michael’s legacy. “It will continue,” she said. “I love it when I see kids emulating him, when adults still listen to his music.

Last month, a number of Janet Jackson’s classic albums were reissued on vinyl.

Source: NME