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Marcus & Martinus: Touring And Traveling

After two large tours through Europe in 2018 (Their own Moments Tour and as special guests on Jason Derulo’s 2Sides World Tour), this year will be about making large, memorable shows in a few selected cities – as well as traveling Europe to meet their fans.
Marcus: This year we’re doing a couple of large shows in selected cities, and we really hope to see many of our friends from all over Europe there! It will be a brand new show, not like the ones we’ve had before. We promise you something you haven’t seen before, and we’re really excited about that!
Martinus: Yeah, and we’ll also travel to several other countries to meet our fans. We’ve got some special plans for our MMers in 2019… so stay tuned!

Did you know?

Marcus & Martinus celebrates their 17th birthday the 21st of February, and they are excited to get a year older. The day will be spent together with friends and family, and hopefully a dog?!
Marcus: I like the idea of getting older. Even though 17 is a little in between, like, we’re not grown ups yet!
Martinus: But I don’t think I will feel grown up even when we get 18!? Just one more year until we can get a driver’s licence, but I don’t know if that will make me feel grown up.
Marcus: Maybe a little!
Martinus: We always wish for a dog, for every Christmas and every birthday. I don’t think we will get one this year either…
Marcus: No, but we can’t give up on that dream! I hope we get some cool clothes, maybe? And some really good cake.